Lilybett and Boy is part baby book, part journal and part connection to the world. It's a place where I can lay out my thoughts, share a few challenges, triumphs and lessons learned, and motivate myself to make some goals and dreams come true. I am teaching myself photography, design, coding and networking as I go and sometimes posting about it (and sometimes not - especially some of Photoshop disasters).

Please read, comment, follow and find us everywhere we lurk on the internet.

Lilybett: Part-time academic and full-time mum. Likes words, The West Wing, stitching and bread.

Dear Boy: Full-time handful of awesome. Like books, trucks, swimming and milk.

Lovely Husband: Full-time neuroscientist and tech geek. Likes computers, gaming, science fiction and soy sauce.

Image Disclaimer: Do not pin, use, copy or reproduce any pictures with my son's full or part image for any purpose. Please feel free to pin or use for non-commercial purpose any other 'Lilybett and Boy' photos that do not feature Dear Boy but do link back to the appropriate page or credit this blog.

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