Sunday, May 3, 2015

Placement life ends

Three weeks of placement - done. As I mentioned two weeks ago, it's been amazing and immense and crazy and overwhelming and exhausting.

The last week seemed filled with even more of all of the above.
  • Taking over a hundred year nines to the Shrine of Remembrance;
  • Discovering connections to teenage terrorists;
  • Administering the year 12s SAC (School Assessed Coursework) - this would have been easy-peasy except it was their 'Issues' exam on persuasive writing techniques... and their issue was the Bali executions, and their SAC was first thing on the morning of the actual execution;
  • Adminstering the second SAC and watching a boy's hands shake for the full exam;
  • Doing a professional development course on mental illness and discovering just how many kids are self harming in the school;
  • Reading through the World War 1 trench diaries the year nines wrote as part of my class;
  • Handing out last term's reports;
  • Watching a year nine student, who had refused to write a single word in my English class, spend a French class on task, drawing the most incredibly beautiful pictures for the full period - and realising I just hadn't been speaking his language;
  • Getting a cheer from the other teachers for answering two of the questions in the daily lunchroom quiz (in competition with the other campus) - Rastamouse and cauliflower for the win.
  • Feeling disappointed in my mentor's report because she ticked 'developing' instead of 'NA' for things I had no opportunity to do. 
It'll be interesting to see how much has change, how much I've changed, when we all head back in September for round two. In the meantime there are papers to collate, observations to transcribe, research to be done, assignments to write, more HDs to earn.


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