Saturday, April 18, 2015

Placement life

I've just finished my first week of teaching placement. I'm observing and teaching year 9s and year 12s and the experience is amazing and immense and crazy and overwhelming and exhausting.

Dear Boy's just finished his first ever full week of childcare. Luckily, they do yoga on Fridays, so he got a little respite from all that playing.

Throw in working my regular job at night to make sure the various balls over there stay in the air and it's been a cray-cray week.

One week down. Two more weeks to go. 

Then it's assignment time. Six due in five weeks, half of which Lovely Husband is going to be overseas, circumnavigating the globe in a string of research visits and conferences that ends in Hawaii.

Yeah, Hawaii. That one hurts.

In the meantime, the dishes are undone and what clean laundry there is remains in a heap on the lounge chair, and sometimes it's cereal for dinner because I burnt the good thing with actual veggies in it. The rain is falling outside the window and Dear Boy asked me tonight to lay down on his bed while he fell asleep so the monsters don't eat his hair.


  1. Well that sounds intense! You'll be stoked when it's over, I bet. How funny are year 9s? I used to have them when I was a teacher aide (I had primary school kids on my teaching placement) and I loved it. Such a weird period of adolescence although it made me very nostalgic. Wouldn't be 14 again for quids.

    1. Just a bit intense. I'm sure plenty of people pack more into their days and do it as a solo parent - but when it's new or a break from the norm it feels like a mountain.

      I'm enjoying the year 9s, although the body odour knocks me out sometimes.

    2. Just wait til they show you porn on their phones...


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