Monday, March 9, 2015

Outdoor adventures: Moomba Festival

I'm not entirely certainly why, but every time we plan to go to one of these festivals I completely forget about the number of other people who are planning on doing the exact same thing at the same time. I stupidly think 'oh, we can get lunch there' or 'we could arrive at 11:20 and go to the 11:30 show'. Oh, the naivete.

Moomba is a great festival with so many kid-friendly things to do, most of which are free. It's just that hundreds of thousands of people want to take advantage of all those awesome events and rides too.

After hitting the festival yesterday with not much besides a vague plan and a few spare pull-ups, here's my survival guide for a day festival/fun-fair.

  1. Don't trust the Bureau of Meterology. It will always, always be hotter or colder or wetter or drier than they say it will be. Don't be one of the thousands of hot, sweaty people in long pants and jumpers that I saw yesterday. Have clothing layers and sun and rain protection handy.
  2. Bring your own lunch. The queues are always going to hectic and unless you have a spare person to entertain a small child, don't even try. Bring your own food and some change for icy-poles or sweet treats after. There were quite a few ice-cream vendors around the festival and it was much quicker to get sweets than savoury. 
  3. Look at a map before you arrive. If you've brought a pram you might want to figure out where the non-stair paths are.You might also like to make sure you take a route via the toilets, just in case your toilet-training son is wearing undies.
  4. Arrive around an hour before any timed events. There will be people already ahead of you, so jump in a queue and wait. If you have a spare adult, let them queue so you can explore with the kids. If not, that might even be the time and place to have lunch.
  5. Take public transport but allow extra time. Everyone else will be on public transport too, so be patient and if you can, place yourself in the carriage closest to the ramps/lifts at your station if you have a pram.
  6. Bring cash. Rides, games and icy-poles were all cash-only.
Have you taken the kids to a festival/fun-fair lately? How'd they do?

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