Friday, February 6, 2015

Taking stock: the Early February edition

Making: Plans for camping (yay, first foray into camping; and by camping I mean sleeping in a tent rther than roughing it too hard).
Cooking: Haloumi and Chorizo for dinner.
Drinking: Dry Ginger Ale because I wanted a tumbler of Bailey's on ice and yeah, no, we don't have any of that round these parts.
Reading: Much more about American Football than I care to to get to the story I wanted.
Looking: forward (finally).
Playing: old DVDs (and by old, I mean 2004)
Wishing: it was going to be slightly cooler tomorrow for the kids party in a park we'll be going to.
Enjoying: laying in the grass with my boy.
Waiting: for the right time to fix myself (I know it's never the right time. The time is now, der).
Liking: the portable air conditioner.
Wondering: why I keep saying I need sleep but never make it to bed earlier than midnight.
Loving: little downloadables. (Yeah, I've just nominalised that sucker and there's nothing you can do about it).
Watching: real-life adventure movies and series.
Pondering: the busyness of a year that hasn't really started yet.
Hoping: the family business trip to Cairns in August ends up being a tiny holiday as well. I would at least like to swim in a lagoon like pool, although not so much if the entire work delegation is hanging out at the bar.
Needing: Dear Boy to get a better handle on the 'if you don't swim, you sink' thing before getting in said lagoon-like pool. 'I want to swim' is usually followed by wrestling himself out of my arms and blub, blub, blubbing straight down to the bottom.
Admiring: folks who blog every day, or even regularly.
Sorting: the couch-wardobe (yeah, it's time to put the clothes back into their drawers)
Buying: groceries without going insane with things for a very short camping trip (want to chuck all the bottled water into the trolley!)
Getting: antsy to start studying again. I know how long it takes for the unit guides to come out, but I still want them now, now, now so I can get revved up and go.
Bookmarking: quilts I'll never make, recipes I'll be making this week and kids concerts I'm still debating about.
Disliking: feeling cruddy but unmotivated.
Snacking: on the baklava we bought today. Yeah, gotta finish that quick so it's not hanging around anymore. (See how that works).
Coveting: a much younger, sportier lady's metabolism
Hearing: my mother's voice in my head (yeah, yeah, I know, Mama).

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