Sunday, February 1, 2015

Outdoor adentures: Playing pilots at the aviation museum

It's probably no surprise that Dear Boy is a little transport obsessed. Thanks to a fair number of flights in his first three years, Planes and Planes:Fire and Rescue, he's an out and out lover of aviation these days too. Cue the Australian National Aviation Museum (or the place where a bunch of enthusiasts get to play 'dream shed'), right next to Moorabbin airport (in South East Melbourne).

There are planes inside and planes outside, planes behind perspex and planes you can climb into. There are engines and uniforms, throttles and wingflaps. There is history and play. Dear Boy spent a lot of time naming planes - Dusty and Dipper and Cabbie and Skipper. Fighter plane, fighter jet, cargo plane and cropduster.

Our tips for visiting an Aviation Museum:
  • Watch a plane movie first (get some characters swirling around in the kids' heads);
  • Check for other local events first (there was a classic/hoon car gathering on in the field next door so parking was freaky);
  • Beware pointy corners of wings, propellers, missiles, etc (though usually well-padded they can still hurt);
  • Wear non-slip shoes (some of the stairs and railings were slick with the sodden day and hundreds of shoes tracking wet grass all over the place);
  • If you're heading to Moorabbin, then don't miss the playground right on the edge of the airport (kids can sit at the top of the slide and watch planes and helicopters take off and land all day). 

Most aviation museums are located close to the more regional airports or close to military bases. There are museums near Bankstown Airport, Sydney; Williamtown Airport, Newcastle (Fighterworld!); Port Adelaide; Bull Creek, Perth; Alice Springs; Darwin and quite a few more around the country. Anything with a Royal Flying Doctor Service exhibit is worthwhile - Dear Boy's mind nearly sploded with the joy of an 'air-ambulance'. Me? I'm wondering if The Flying Doctors is ever going to come out on DVD. 

Ed. I just googled that and apparently there's a 48 disc set of all 9 seasons. Holy Moley, bring on a TV-watching binge.

Do you dig a good/daggy museum? Did you watch The Flying Doctors?

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