Friday, February 27, 2015

His favourite song


Because the video of him singing AC/DC's 'Thunderstruck' was just that little bit too long. His other 'favourites' at the moment?

  • I love rock and roll - Joan Jett
  • You might think - The Cars
  • Bad to the bone - George Thoroughgood and the Destroyers
  • Route 66 - the John Meyer version
  • Real gone - Sheryl Crow
  • Sh-boom - The Chords
  • Fly - Jon Stevens
  • Love machine - The Miracles
  • Still I Fly - Spencer Lee
  • Bad romance - Lady Gaga
  • Cry (if you want to) - Holly Cole
  • Here comes the sun - The Beatles
  • You got a friend in me - Randy Newman
Now most of these appear on the soundtracks of his favourite movies, but I'm itching to make him his first mix tape (*cough* playlist).

Do your kids have a mixtape/playlist of adult songs?


  1. Yes! My daughter has a heap of 'regular' or 'adult' music that she loves. But I think that is good, and healthy. At least you know your son has good and varied taste in music. And added bonus, you don't need to listen to kiddie drivel on repeat!

    1. Writing this list has made me realise I don't play music around the house the way I used to when pre-child. I'm going to make a bigger effort to go through my old CDs.

  2. My 3 year old pretty much only listens to the songs from the Disney Channel when she's watching it and then any other time in life we listen to my (rock) music. I can't stand those annoying kid songs haha And I want her to grow up listening to good music! She sings along to some of my favorite rock songs in the car having a dance party!

    1. I finding movie soundtracks are great for transitioning away from kids songs - they're familiar and associated with kiddie stuff but 'grown up' at the same time.

  3. Cherry Lips by Garbage - kids love the 'go baby go baby'

    1. I haven't heard that song for so long. Just pulled out my old Garbage CDs last night too - must be a sign.


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