Sunday, January 18, 2015

When he leads

When he leads we catch the train into the city; we walk two strollers abreast across the bridge and crash into each other's wheels; we stand under the towering Art Centre spire and look at the collection of wooden houses and listen to a collection of interviews on the theme of 'home'; we throw coins into the fountain of the NGV and make wishes.

When he leads we splash our hands through the wall of water at the entrance to the NGV and get wet up to the elbows; we ride a golden carousel side by side, ticking slowly, slowly through a single rotation; we don't stay long at the Romance Was Born for Kids exhibition; we ride in a circular elevator and get lost in a maze of galleries; we find interactive exhibits tucked away behind rooms full of art we can't touch; we pin the words 'take' and 'back' to the pinboard because they are blue; we slog around the hanging rope thing-a-me over and over, flopping down on our backs in the tiny space at the back so other kids can pass by; we say 'cheese' for a blurry selfie and laugh when the whole edifice shakes and we fall down.

When he leads we wander through the Botanical Gardens on the gravelly tracks with the midday runners; we don't download the app to see fairies play in a field of sunflowers; we sit in the shade of a lone tree alongside a million mums with prams and babies and share a cheap baguette and an expensive bottle of fizzy water; we discover the Children's Garden and play in water and sand until we are sunburnt; we retreat to the tree and eat treats with a new friend who carries a plastic spider, wearing ice-cream across our faces; we wander back to the train station and kneel on the seats and watch the world slide by as we make our way home.

When he leads, we adventure.


  1. What a fantastic little post! It's so true... kids see things so differently, and as grown ups we often forget the wonders of discovery and adventure!

    I loved making wishes on coins at the NGV too!

    All the best,


    1. Thanks for stopping by, Eliza. It's so easy to forget that these little folks have a different viewpoint on just about everything (literally and figuritively) - it made for an interesting day to surrender to it instead of trying to lead and coerce and encourage.


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