Monday, January 12, 2015

Outdoor adventures

If 2014 was our year of intentional play, then 2015 is going to be our year of adventures big and small.

With new work and study commitments I want to make sure our time together is going to be as awesome and as ‘outdoorsy’ as I can make it. I’m not the greatest outdoors person – I’m a huge fan of comfortable couches and reading – but I want Dear Boy to get that outdoorsy childhood that I had in spades. You know, the river walks with improvised fishing poles and rock skimming; the long days spent at the beach, hiking sandy scrub tracks to get to the water and poking about in rockpools; the tree climbing and cubby building; the neighbourhood adventuring down unknown streets and around the foresty edges of parks.

So here are some of the adventures I’d like us to try out or do more of:
  1. Camping
  2. A long boat ride
  3. Horse-riding
  4. A long day at the beach
  5. Bushwalking
  6. Tubing or canoeing on a river
  7. Visiting a desert
  8. Going to a amusement park or outdoor museum
  9. A road trip
  10. See animals in ‘the wild'
  11. An outdoor class or organised activity
  12. Build a bush cubby
  13. Visit a waterfall
  14. Explore the creek and race homemade boats
  15. Ride steam train
  16. Go to an airshow
  17. Go for a night walk with a torch
  18. Try geocaching
  19. Rock skimming
  20. Go on a bug hunt
  21. Go to a drive-in (if we can find one)
  22. Play with glowsticks at night
  23. Do a toboggan run or a cardboard slide down a steep hill
  24. Go to an outdoor concert
Some of these are going to be harder than others – Dear Boy has only just turned three and his little legs do not carry him very far for very long, but I think now is the time to get him used to bushwalking, to normalise camping trips and long days at the beach if it’s something we want to do as a family in the future. 

Have you ever taken kids camping? Any tips? What other outdoor adventures do you love or want to try?


  1. Do it ALLLLLLL
    My boys do whatever is happening. Seriously, long bush walk, camping.. whatever. If thats what the plan is that is what they do and the younger they start the better off they are. They dont know any different. Our main thing when camping was a nightlight type thing, and then a a couple of torches. AND thongs for the bathrooms NEVER FORGET THE THONGS!!!!

    1. Roger! Thongs! Must get Dear Boy his first pair.

    2. Yes, definitely thongs. I would also suggest thinking a little bit about where you put the tent, as in, which direction the door faces in terms of other tents, the breeze, where the dirt patches are, is smoke going to blow straight in, etc... Vicky.

  2. I used to camp with my family as a kid but I havent actually taken all of our boys camping. I think we may have to fix that and give it a go this year xx

    1. I never camped as a kid! My Dad and brother went with Scouts but I didn't last long enough in Brownies to get to camp stage. Do you think your boys would enjoy it?

  3. A lovely list to get through, I'm leaving camping to dear hubby though, i'd be staying home!

    1. Haha. I think Lovely Husband would rather a five star resort.

  4. Yes!! Great ideas. My kids love camping. My biggest tip is to just go with the flow. Forget routine, forget clean, just do whatever, be in nature, have adventures, make memories.

    1. Thanks, Melinda. I'm always trying to remember to go with the flow more in my everyday life (not always succeeding) but I'm hoping to nail it for the camping trips.


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