Friday, January 9, 2015

I made pants and they are hilarious

Since getting the hang of the sewing machine (sort of), I decided to give making a pair of shots a whirl, so I could knock off one of my resolutions in the dying days of 2014. These were relatively simple... apart from the fact that the instructions were in dutch, the pattern didn't match and I was sewing with old t-shirts. But look! Pants!

Boy, it's not until you actually make a pair that you truly appreciate the wonder that is pants. How those four points (and all those different shaped pieces) come together feels a little bit like magic.

They are wonky and hilarious, but I did it. He even wore them to childcare yesterday and no-one laughed at the uneven lines and different length legs. Bring on the Star Wars fabrics!

 Did you attempt something new in 2014? Was it wonky?


  1. I think you rocked it. Man I have never attempted pants.. yet. i was thinking I might have a go at some boardies though. If mine are half as good as yours, I will be stoked xx

    1. They're actually far easier than I thought even after wrangling knit fabric for the first time and I'd translated the pattern from Dutch into English - I used this one . Good luck with the boardies!

  2. Well done! I remember the first time I tried pants, and they were waaaaay funnier than yours! If I remember correctly they were really tight across the legs... and really baggy round the waist - poor Missy, it wasn't a great look! Things improved from that point (I mean, they couldn't get worse lol!), and I make an ok pair these days - so well done - I can see you doing some great patterns posts ahead!

    Thanks for contributing to The Sunday Brunch Magazine!

    All the best,



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