Monday, December 29, 2014

The Best Of Lilybett and Boy 2014

Blogging stats and analytics are a funny beast. They show you what people read the most, where they come from, how long they spent reading something, how much they bounced around from post to post. It gives you an insight, in a completely quantitative way, into how people react to your words.

I try not to check the back end too often but after seeing some of my favourite bloggers roll out what their most popular posts were for 2014, I was incredibly curious to see what has been getting the hits and clicks here at Lilybett and Boy.

Colour me surprised that the most popular 2014 was about hanging clothes on the line. Yep, that's right, my post on The Science of the Clothelines: Drying optimisation, peg-mark reduction and time/space efficiency either struck a chord with some of you, or you were weirdly fascinated to see how someone could talk about washing for so, so, long. It makes me feel a little warm and fuzzy that maybe I'm not the only washing freak out there in the world and that other folks might spend time thinking or reading about this stuff. Love you guys.

What else made the best of list in 2014?
  • My Love to Dream sleeping bag review and giveaway - who doesn't love a good giveaway. I love the comments on this where you shared your own funny sleep stories;
  • Meeting Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi - I ticked something off my bucketlist and met an incredibly man. Some of you had heard of him; some of you hadn't... but something about this post got your attention. People talking about happiness usually get mine.
  • My fear of babysitters - my sister flew down from NSW to help us out last time we needed a babysitter... so yeah, not much progress since I wrote this post.
  • The Cranky Academic's guide to plagiarism (and avoiding it) - Is it the ranty-pants going on that gets people's attention? Is it people googling how to plagiarise? Is it people who've been burned by filthy, filthy plagiarists who are looking for a community?
  • How well do you know your mobile phone? - a geeky conference lecture gave me the guilts; did you check out your phone's pedigree too?
The two biggest posts of 2014 weren't actually 2014 posts at all: a mermaid softie, which I imagine someone, somewhere has pinned and then been repinned a billion times; and a little tale about crying over spilled milk - my breast/formula feeding saga - which I'm sure quite a few mums can relate to.

Thanks to everyone who read the best (and worst) of Lilybett and Boy this year. If you're one of those folks that keeps coming back, thanks even more. Love your guts.


  1. It cracks me up too -the posts that people still read long after they have disappeared in my feed. Love getting to know you this year chick. I hope the year ahead is a totally awesome one for you and your family. Mwah xx

    1. Thanks, Sonia! You've been incredibly genrous with your time and insights here - and I appreciate it.


Thanks for taking the time to respond to what you have read here at Lilybett and Boy. I love reading through all your comments.


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