Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Taking stock: December

In the normal course of an academic life, I've signed off for the year in mid-November after the last exam has been marked and the last result collated. As a contracted or casual academic, that's usually all she wrote for the year, and we're unemployed free until the beginning of the first semester the following year (February, sometimes March). But this year is different.

After a completely crappy confluence of craptacularly crappy work issues, I did a little horizontal shuffling and have spent most of the year straddling several different professions. One foot still in academia and the other in a completely new role in outreach, communication and education programming for a research centre. I don't have three feet, but to follow the metaphor there was another foot somewhere doing something else. It's been weird and new and tough and challenging and interesting. Here I am in December, still working. Weird.

So the year is coming to an end, and so too (for now anyway) is the career path I thought I'd be following. Except it's kinda not, because nice things have happened in the background. I'll talk about it all in more detail in the New Year but for now, holy amazeballs, I've been signing forms about royalties and UK tax exemptions and copyright permission and all manner of weirdness.

I'm feeling all kinds of muddled up and scared and sqeeeeee excited about all of it; to be honest, I want to throw myself into glossy Christmas magazines and write long lists about what we'll have for lunch in two weeks. This is my blogging equivalent of that, c/o Pip, and joining in with The Veggie Mama and Katie 180 and others.

Making: all of these easy-peasy decorations for the Christmas tree.

Cooking: completely secular gingerbread stars for our neighbour who flagged us down when we taking a postprandial stroll and presented us with a box full of die-cast cars. Dear Boy thinks he's Santa. 

Reading: nothing but blogs, because I've added a crap tonne of books to my Christmas list and don't know what I'm getting. Book Depository is my current nemesis because I want all of the books.

Wanting: See above.

Looking: for Christmas lights in the neighbourhood but there's not a lot of twinkling going on round these parts.

Playing: as many Christmas carols as I can before Dear Boy requests the Cars or The Wonky Donkey CD.

Wishing: we could get two interstate trips out of a tiny bank balance.

Enjoying: moments with my boy ("guess how much I love you!")

Waiting: for a holiday (still waiting).

Pondering: ways to evict the mouse that's living under the fridge.

Watching: that episode of The Newsroom that folks are talking about. It was kinda-sorta the Isaac & Ishmael of the series: "earnest in its tone, admirable in its charitable intent and God-awful in its condescending pedantry".

Hoping: we go meldown-free for tomorrow's childcare Christmas party and concert.

Smelling: pine needles

Wearing: t-shirts to work and pretending they're business-y.

Following: some of the bloggers in Dubai at the moment. I'm aching for poolside drinks, desert oases, and camel rides.

Admiring: anyone who's getting stuff done at the moment and still blogging.

Sorting: through the mounds of paper I've set aside for shredding. P.S. Shredder only operates for 2 minutes at a time. I'm going to be shredding for weeks.

Buying: the last of the Christmas presents.

Getting: glitter out of the carpet. Yes, that stuff really is the herpes of the craft world.

Bookmarking: an oven-baked vegan naan recipe. Nom, nom. Can't wait to fly back to Newcastle and partake of tasty, tasty Indian there.

Opening: packages of presents I ordered and hoping the others arrive soon.

Hearing: Lovely Husband starting to watch TV without me. Peace, I'm out.


  1. Ahhh tell those bloggers to take me to Dubai! And I'd like some of that naan :)

    1. I know! Serious blogger envy, but they certainly deserve such a wonderful trip. Amazing that they got to go as a group too - I imagine travelling with a bunch of bloggers would be a very weird and wonderful experience.


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