Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Learning to use the sewing machine (Resolved)

I switched on a sewing machine for the first time in 23 years tonight. I haven't used one since a botched pair of floral shorts in Year 7 Textiles class, where the crotch was too short, the waistband lopsided and the seams crooked and holey.

I pulled out Lovely Husband's IKEA-branded machine tonight. I swore at it. He read me the instructions on how to wind a bobbin, thread the bobbin and sew a straight stitch. Then he muttered under his breath for an hour and a half while I clattered my way through first stages of our advent calender (more on that later) and he tried to watch TV.

Tick that off my list of resolutions for this year.

After three years of pretty intensive handstitching, I made something on that sewing machine.

Boy, that thing is quick.

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