Saturday, November 22, 2014

Dear Boy's Christmas wishlist

We've been asked for Dear Boy's Christmas wishlist so I thought I'd share it here. So far, he's asked Santa to bring him 'a firetruck and a cement truck with a going round tank'. He already has both of those things as well as what feels like all the cars and trucks and trains and planes in the land. So I'm trying to institute a no wheels and wings rule for this Christmas. He's getting a play kitchen and police/fire doll's house (okay that one comes with a few wheels but couldn't be helped) from us for Christmas and birthday. Here's what he needs we think he'd like or we'd like for him:

Dress ups and pretend play stuff

Dear Boy's just started getting very interested in dress-ups and pretend play. We have a doctor's kit that I made for our Intentional Play month on health and the body. He's been getting all 'Miss Polly had a Dolly', checking Baby's eyes, ears and mouth with a very kind bedside manner.

He also has a much loved dinosaur tail and an awesome range of hand-me-down hats and jewellery.

The Ikat Bag blog has some great free patterns and tutorials for dress up stuff. I love these crowns:

Crowns from Ikat Bag

I also like her twirling skirts,these gorgeous butterfly wings (which could be modified for all manner of bugs) and this Rapunzel/Elsa wig (probably the only way Dear Boy will ever manage long hair).

Dear Boy's getting a wooden kitchen from us for Christmas, so I've also been looking for cooking type pretend play stuff. We have pots, pans, cutlery and lots of wooden food but I've been browsing other bits and pieces including: this chef's hat from Whip Up and this enormous list of free tutorials for felt food from Apartment Therapy.

Art/prints for his walls (space themed or lovely quotes)

Dear Boy's room has a vaguely space-related theme, but his walls are a bit of a mish-mash of old posters and craft. I'd love a few really great prints to help cover the walls. Things like these simple Star Wars artworks/prints from Quite Contrary really tickle my fancy. I'm not sure where they come from but I don't think they'd be too hard for someone with a bit of a crafty flair to replicate.

Star Wars art works from Quite Contrary
I also like these space-related quotes: 'I love you to the moon'  and 'The earth has music for those who listen' from Yellow Button Studio on Etsy; 'I love you to the moon and back' from Not On The High Street; and this gorgeous 'Reach for the stars' watercolour print from Little Dreamer Prints on Etsy.

Dolls clothes for boy dolls

Dear Boy loves to push my old Cabbage Patch doll, Timmy, in his pram and doctor 'Baby'. At the moment, they're both dressed in Dear Boy's too-big baby clothes. It'd be great to have something that fit them. I've found some basic patterns and tutorials for 43cm dolls (like Baby) at Wolly Online and a few boy doll clothes for sale Rosie's Dolls Clothes. 'Vintage'/secondhand CPK clothes are cool too. Does anyone still have their original CPK clothes?

Homemade stuff

Whatever kind of homemade stuff you want to send is pretty cool by us (within reason, of course, and basic safety standards). Dear Boy would love a PVC pipe water fountain like this one from The Brooding Hen for the tub! I am so not kidding when I say we would welcome a box of PVC pipe bits and pieces that have a few suction cups drilled in.


We all love books here. Books are always great pressies. And they're easy to wrap. Bonus.

Charity donations or gifts that help others

Want to buy a bag of poo or a goat or make a microfinancing loan or a Softie for Mirabel in Dear Boy's name? We're down for that. Send us a link or a photo!

What's on your kids' wishlist this year? What's on yours?

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