Saturday, October 11, 2014

The coming of the child

My biggest little brother's going to be a dad soon... in a few more weeks or perhaps a few more days. I've been reminiscing about that zone, that time between being almost full-term and the birth, between the end of work and the beginning of the hardest work I've ever done, between the last days of being a child-less couple (although the elephant was in the room, so to speak) and being responsible for the welfare of a human being full time, between nights out and weeks in.

I had a whole passle of time to just hang out before Dear Boy was born. My full-time contract finished in mid-November and, even with a few Honours theses to mark and special consideration requests and deferred exams to approve, there were a lot of long, slow, bone-melting days spent waddling through the shopping centre, squatting in front of the library shelves, curling up on the couch devouring books, wallowing in the local pool or the blow-up pool in our back yard.

I nested as much as I could, waiting for the baby's crib to be driven down from NSW, a lovely, dark wood hand-me-down from Dear Boy's cousin. I went a little nuts at the last minute on a bassinette and change table from Toys R Us because I felt the lure of the 'should-haves' and 'must-haves', all those things kids don't need but everyone seems to have.

I paid a strange Ukranian couple to come and blitz-clean the house although I didn't know they were strange (or Ukranian) when I booked them. They didn't vacuum behind or under any of the furniture but I was too embarrassed after a half day of polite conversation to ask them to finish the job.

I washed all of the baby clothes.

I worried about my waters breaking at the shopping centre but not enough to stop going there and soaking up the air-conditioning.

I dreamt of sleeping on my belly.

I took a lot of vitamins.

I wondered what Braxton Hicks would feel like - like nothing apparently because I never noticed them.

I peed a lot.

I slept badly.

I tried hard to feel Christmas-y but we had a completely awful time.

I read a lot of Pam England's Birthing From Within (although der, where else are you going to birth from).

I thought of this picture and used it like a mantra, a meditation for the upcoming labour.

Now I making making a baby quilt, a little patch of love for my new nephew. And we've started a pool on just how big this little boy will be. For the record, I'm guessing 3.2kg, which is a good half a kilo lower than the next nearest guess.

How did you or your nearest and dearest 'nest'? I missed the whole scrubbing floors urge entirely. 


  1. I baked a lot of bread

  2. Although it can be a tedious time just waiting, it's a time that can never be had again. I sometimes wish I knew how much I would long to just lounge around on the couch and feel bored because surely once the kidlet has arrived it's bound to not happen again for at least 20 YEARS!
    It's a nice time for your family to be awaiting a new addition. I hope you soak that up that excitement!

    1. I wish I knew too. You know in a theoretical kinda way it'll be different and full-on, but you don't really KNOW until it's all gone.


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