Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Crafting for a cause: Softies for Mirabel 2014

I took this image from Meet Me At Mikes, but it's okay cause Pip said we could

It's Softies for Mirabel time again. Are you up for a crafty challenge?

Last year, I started with a few vague ideas and a fabric stash. Two months later I crammed a lamb, a monkey, two mermaids and two girls into a box and shipped them off to Pip and the Mirabel Foundation kids. I am no expert crafter - I hand stitch everything with a single, bent needle and three callused fingers - but I like a challenge and the idea that something I make with love and purpose might be comforting to a kid who's having a rough trot. I'm also keen to show Dear Boy that Christmas isn't all about take, take, take and that giving freely of your time and skills is valuable.

The Mirabel Foundation supports kids (0-17 years) who have been orphaned or abandoned because of their parents' substance abuse, and works at restoring their sense of hope, belonging and self-worth to, ultimately, break the cycle of addiction in these families. If you're not a crafter, there are plenty of ways to help (including donating, volunteering, fundraising, etc) or getting involved through various events or campaigns. But if crafting's your thing, then the Softies for Mirabel campaign is a gorgeous person-to-person appeal.

I'm not sure how many I'll be able to make this year, but here are this year's vague ideas and riflings through the fabric stash.

A lumberjack: I was inspired by this fellow from Chick Pea Studios - I thought I could do a version of these with my old faithful Black Apple doll pattern.

Something with these constellations fabrics leftover from Dear Boy's quilt. There's a passage from Larry Niven's Ringworld where folks have genetically engineered themselves all sorts of colours and textures and one lady rocks an awesome constellation across her skin. I'm thinking simple, floppy-eared bunnies like this fellow.

A brown bear in polka-dot pants and braces like this Black Apple fellow. Not sure how to manage the braces at this point, but I'm sure there's a piece of ribbon or leather at the bottom of the craft box.

Yeah, a chicken. I've already made one of these fellows and it looks pretty cute with its Superman belly.

Do you think you could whip up something cute for a cause? Take a look at our special Softies for Mirabel Pinterest board if you're after some inspiration.


  1. This is a very thoughtful act, a generous hero. I admire you, making other people and kids happy through your acts. The designs are really cute too, I love them! Keep up the good work and keep those posts coming!

  2. Love those fabric choices and love this cause. I shall get my mum on to this and together I am sure we can come up with something xx


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