Friday, October 24, 2014

Big universe (small world): Intentional Play

Out trusty 'small world' cardboard box (as featured in July's Intentional Play wrap-up) got a renovation when we hit space month. Dear Boy and I spent two afternoons painting it first white and then black so we could shoot off into our month of space play. We used regular non-toxic poster paint, so things have been peeling and scratching ever since, but Dear Boy loves it and, for bonus points, he isn't dead or sick from eating the paint.

I filled the box with a set of NASA figurines we picked up from Scienceworks back in September. I'm not normally a fan of plastic guys (err... cowboys and Indians, soldiers? No thanks) but dudes in space suits carrying spanners and walkie-talkies are much more my scene. The moon buggy that came with them is certainly Dear Boy's.

We gathered up a few space themed stickers and plastered away, then sprinkled in a handful of glow-in-the-dark stars. We may have also co-opted Lovely Husband's replicas of a Saturn V and its command/service module and lunar module. He may or may not get them back in one piece.

It's also entirely possible Dear Boy may be introduced to Star Trek original series, Next Gen, Deep Space 9, Voyager and Enterprise before the month is out.We have DVDs and are not afraid to indoctrinate.

Do you have any awesome space-themed craft, activities, books or songs? We're always on the look out for more.


  1. That space guy with the walky-talky is pretty cute. I helped my daughter (now 10) with a school project on the planets, with styrofoam balls and wire. It was such a hassel to transport! Two of the planets broke off in the car and rolled under the seat. But it looked pretty good in the end.

    1. We've made our own version of the solar-system - and styrofoam balls and wire feature heavily!

  2. Can thoroughly recommend On The Moon by Anna Milbourne. The illustrations are cartoon animated ontop of real photographs. And the story is perfect for little ones.

    1. Thanks Arna! I'll have to check that one out. It really was hard to find space books that weren't lullaby/bedtime type stories.


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