Thursday, October 30, 2014

A bookish quilt: Happy birthday, Biggest Sister

The Biggest Sister made us a schlubby blanket that Dear Boy adores. It's quite possibly the closest thing he has to a blankey, stroking its bobbly surface as he falls asleep (sorry, Middle Sister - it's a schlubby blanket; it's bobbly).

I wanted to make her something in return and given I am not a knitter, I created her a quote quilt instead. The Biggest Sister and I have shared a thing for books, although she takes it to the extreme of the librarian-turned-archivist, Dewey-ing her own home library (Dewey deserves it's own verb, so I made that one up).

I was inspired by these library book quilt blocks from Craftsy and Flickr as well as this book quote from Two Little Banshee's Kate Henderson. Hers are much more fancy-pants than mine; mine are a very good lesson in thinking hard about seam allowances before cutting.

I had wanted to put on a quote for Biggest Sister from Jane Eyre, one of our shared favourites, but when I started measuring all the letters for all the words, I realised I'd be verging on a king-sized quilt. So I turned instead to the simplicity or conciseness of Umberto Eco, then added his signature to the ugly 'we' of 'we live for books'. 

The scrap-busting books on the bookshelves are littered with titles made from fabric selvage and then the whole thing bound with Superman/Aquaman/Batman fabric. 

Happy (belated) birthday, Biggest Sister. 


  1. Beautiful, but then a book quilt will always grab my attention:)
    Visiting from rewind.

  2. OMG seriously - how clever are you!!! You are a dark horse my friend... I love the way we get to know more about your talents bit by bit xx

    1. Haha, by day a mild-mannered academic; by night, a mild-mannered crafting fiend.


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