Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Technology: Ugh

The network was down at work today. No internet, no phones.

I was feeling more than a little bereft. So much of what I do for work needs that technology to connect me with people and ideas and products and services (so much of my social world is the same. We live in Melbourne but so many of our family and friends don't).

I couldn't even procrastiface while I was waiting for it to be restored.

And then, somehow, my USB that I use for my teaching work wiped a selected few folders, namely the ones I'm using now. All my lecture notes and slides, all the extra readings I'd collected... all the marking sheets of all the essays I'd marked in the previous few days.

I could cry.

Technology: ugh.

What do you do when the internet goes down? Are you still connected with the world around you without the technological interface?


  1. We had a blackout a few months ago and the wifi went down. It was seriously like the end of the world lol xx

    1. I kept thinking of things to do and then having little forehead slap moments because they involved devices that required internet or wireless. Normally my go-to would be a good old fashioned book but my Tues/Wed office doesn't have any :/


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