Friday, September 26, 2014

Taking stock: The marking blues

The lyrics from the wrong Paul Simon song have been rolling around in my mind for the last few days, the same way they do every time I get into some serious marking phases at work. There's always the marking blues, descending somewhere in there where you just can't read another damned word but the pressure is mounting to get them back to the students, and you start timing how long it takes to get each one done and then your brain just explodes. Or mine does. 

So the lines from the wrong Paul Simon song have been rolling around in my mind and haven't left because I've had the marking blues. Diamonds on the soles of your shoes are one way to cure the marking blues, but it's lines from Graceland that keep on spinning through: 

And I see losing love
is like a window in your heart
everybody sees you're blown apart
everybody sees the wind blow

I'm not altogether certain why these ones. Maybe I feel like "the human trampoline, falling, flying or tumbling in turmoil". Maybe marking makes me feel blown apart. It certainly hasn't left much brain space for blogging. I have half a dozen half drafted posts and nothing to give them this week. And then I re-read Pip's Taking Stock for this month, and then Sonia's and Stacey's. It's time to take stock and think of something else. 

Making: a special quilt (still – on the last of the quilting then a quick bind and I’m done, yippee!).
Cooking: more chicken than I really care to.
Drinking: soda water. Cold and savoury.
Reading: some sci-fi before I start on my Time After Time loaner.
Wanting: more time and more books to fill that time.
Looking: forward to summer.
Playing: pretend with Dear Boy. His little imagination is taking flight.
Deciding: what new laptop I’ll get to replace the one that killed a whole heap of my files and then burnt out its power pack.
Wishing: my tax cheque was slightly larger so I could replace said laptop, get the car serviced and take a trip to see the family (but feeling grateful, nonetheless, to receive a tax cheque and not a bill).
Enjoying: sunshine.More, more, more.
Waiting: for replies to job applications (again).
Liking: re-listening to Paul Simon's Graceland album. I just gave myself up to it. 
Wondering: why the hell Coles has its Christmas goodies on the shelves already.Pondering:
Watching: new season pilots (Madame Secretary, Scorpion, NCIS: New Orleans, The Mysteries of Laura - some good, some meh); I am saving the first episode of new season Downton Abbey for laters).
Hoping: my next student consultation doesn’t take the whole hour so I’ve got enough time to pick up Dear Boy from childcare on foot rather than in the car
Marvelling: at the medicinal qualities of a toddler's sloppy kisses and 'love you's.
Needing: a holiday. A long one. On a beach. With a nanny.
Smelling: coffee. It’s decaf, but the smell’s the thing, really.
Wearing: something I ironed this morning, which is different because I never iron.
Following: too many people on Instagram who upload photos they’ve taken from proper cameras; so many gloriously lovely and light-riddled photos.
Admiring: lovely Sash for getting nominated and then stepping up to do a TED talk. So excited for her and can't wait to watch/listen if I can find a copy.
Sorting: all Dear Boy’s t-shirts and passing on all the things he’s outgrown since last summer
Buying: Star Wars quilting fabric
Bookmarking: this (again). It's my happy place. I know some of you reading will understand.
Disliking: the thought that the current anti-terror laws are going to end with internment camps for various religious/cultural groups 'for their own safety'. Because we don't really seem to be very good at learning from history.
Opening: my first long, scrawly letter in such a long time. I've been saving it too for a time when I can sit down and actually translate said scrawl. Thanks J.
Giggling: about this and this. Farts and Unicorns. It's been a long week.
Feeling: productive but thoroughly spent.
Snacking: blueberries and carrots. Together.
Coveting: books. I think Book Depository's gonna get a visit from me soon.
Wishing: for patience and resilience.
Helping: myself to Dear Boy's chocolate custard (bit of a rarity in these parts) 

Have you taken stock lately? 

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  1. Ohh I have a taking stock scheduled for tomorrow! Good luck with your job applications!


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