Saturday, September 13, 2014

Spring cleaning: The story of my stuff (part 2)

It's spring and I'm going room by room and culling all of the things I don't have mental or physical space for anymore. But culling is sometimes hard when attachment remains or the stories behind the stuff run deep. These are those stories.

I haven't bought myself any new bras since having to relinquish my beloved underwires for those weird molded cups and nipple-exposing clips of maternity bras. Once the breastfeeding part of my life was done, I went back into my old-faithfuls, those beautifully comfy Berlei T-shirt bras. 

But Dear Boy is now two-and-a-half and those beloved Berleis have lost their structural integrity. The straps are no long elastic and the sides are worn transparent and the cups were in all kinds of strange shape. Things certainly were not where they should be.

So I bit the bullet yesterday and zoomed Dear Boy into Myer for a proper bra fitting, my first in almost four years. Ah, nothing like shaking and shimmying and being manhandled by a mature lady in comfortable shoes and a set of glasses on a neck chain. Doing it with Dear Boy in the dressing room added a whole new realm of fun. And yes, there was a size change (sigh) but I thought 'no problem, I'll just upgrade to the new lovely colours available in the Berlei range'. Double-sigh. Sometime in the last couple of years, Berlei did a redesign and narrowed the lovely comfy padded straps into thin, biting strips. Decidedly not useful for those of us with breasts of any great weight. 

So this is not just bye-bye to my old, worn-out Berlei bras, but bye-bye to Berlei altogether, and hello Triumph. And although I have hopes of returning to my pre-baby bra specs, it's also a very final see-ya-later to pre-baby boobs. Post-baby boobs are a whole new ball game.

When's the last time you bought yourself a new bra? Have you ever had a proper fitting?


  1. I always have my bras fitted - being a 10GG isn't very fun and you always need an assistant to help you out....Oh and finding breastfeeding appropriate bras in this size is even harder!

    1. Oh Shari! I can only imagine how hard it would have been to find maternity bras, especially nice, comfy and/or pretty ones. Seems you can only ever get one or two of those things at any one time, never all three.


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