Saturday, September 6, 2014

Spring cleaning: The story of my stuff (part 1)

It's spring and I'm going room by room and culling all of the things I don't have mental or physical space for anymore. But culling is sometimes hard when attachment remains or the stories behind the stuff run deep. These are those stories.

I bought these shoes in Myer. I never buy shoes in Myer. But I was walking through Myer to get to the carpark and these babies caught my eye. 

These were my first pair of ballet flat style shoes (or any girly style, really) after years of closed toed school shoe-type affairs or black boots. There were some awesome sandals that I wore with socks (but only when I lived in England and it was snowing. Look! There's evidence - before there were  cameras in phones and I was still taking rolls of film to the chemist for printing. It was an extremely hard day when I threw those sandals away, two years after I wore holes through the soles and stopped wearing them - they were the shoes of my travelling years, my life-overseas all-by-myself shoes).

There was something about the print that got me. I didn't wear prints on my clothes, so a print on a shoe was a big step for me. Eleanor Grosch's printed Keds range were just too lovely. The way she put her animals together, the neutral colour combination that worked with all my clothes. I got caught. 

Boy, did I get caught big time.

Because they didn't come in my size (stupid monster feet; nasty hobbitses). Or at least, they didn't stock my size at Myer (stupid Myer).

So I went home with a pair of shoes a half size too small. 

I adored these shoes (I still do) but I suffered for them. I could only wear them when I didn't have to walk anywhere or I'd be crippled with squished toe agony. I looked online for a pair in my size, but even when I found a (somewhat suss) website that actually shipped shoes to Australia), this print in this colour were always sold out. So I kept wearing the ones I had. 

I just don't have room in my life for too-small shoes anymore. Even very cute ones.

Have you been suckered into buying shoes you knew were uncomfrtable? How many of the shoes in your wardrobe actually get a wearing these days?


  1. Gah! I do this ALL THE TIME! I have a beautiful pair of pointy leather shoes, still in their box, just languishing in our spare room because I can't bring myself to chuck them out. "But they're such beautiful quality!" I tell myself. Sidenote: If you have size 9 feet, you shouldn't buy pointy shoes. They only make your feet look twice as big. What are you going to do with your too small shoes?

    1. Pointy shoes are even worse if you have size 10 feet! It's so hard to throw out shoes when they're still in decent nick. I'm normally quite happy to stick clothes and toys and things in the charity bins and give them a new life, but at the last minute I fished these out of the bag. Now I don't know what I'm going to do with them.

  2. Save them for your Mum to try on!

  3. umm out of selfish curiosity what size are these cute shoes?

    1. Haha, they're either 9s or 9.5s, can't remember - just not 10s. You want them?


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