Sunday, September 7, 2014

Fathers' Day: An interview with Dear Boy in five parts

Part 1.
Me: Hey buddy boy, it's Fathers' day tomorrow. What should we do for Daddy?
Dear Boy: Ummm... I don't know. 
Me: Should we give him the present you made?
Dear Boy: Oh yeah. It's nice and has colours on it. 
Me: I think Daddy would like that.
Dear Boy: I think Daddy will like the colours, but he likes black too. 

Part 2.
Me: What's your Daddy like?
Dear Boy: Ummm... a present. 

Part 3.
Me: Why do you love your Daddy?
Dear Boy: Why?
Me: What's good about your Daddy?
Dear Boy: Ummm... toys?

Part 4.
Dear Boy: Mummy, can I have your pen, that pen, please?
Me: Sure, are you going to write on Daddy's card for him?
Dear Boy: Yes, I am... Dear Daddy... He'll like that.

Part 5.


Happy Fathers' Day, Lovely Husband.

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