Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Intentional Play: June (the wrap-up)

It was a snowy, icy world this month as we welcomed winter in Melbourne. It started quite mild and, frankly, ridiculous but romped it home with the chilly, chilly days we've grown more accustomed to since we moved down here.

Our coffee table became a 'small world' - quite small, because we had the Arctic and the Antarctic rubbing shoulders - with a whole heap of penguins, a polar bear, a big blubbery eyed baby seal and a moose. Okay, so maybe the moose is more tundra-y than arctic, but moose dig snow, right? I lay down an old white nappy for the snow and the animals meandered about for the month, sometimes buried under drifts of cotton balls or pipe-cleaner and paper snowflakes.

Crafting is easy with a snow theme - get out the white paper and you're almost all the way done. We snipped some snowflake shapes, glued on googly eyes and cut out polar bears, added a 'tuxedo' and made penguins. We threaded cotton balls onto fishing line and draped snowfalls in the doorways. We glued snowballs onto paper plates and balanced them on the mantelpiece next to our monster truck autumn leaves.

Did you know there are quite a few collective nouns for a group of penguins? A colony of penguins is the most common, but you could also go for a creche, a parade, a rookery or... my favourite... a huddle of penguins.

We have been getting our penguin on this month, doing waddle races round and round the house and yard, reading the sweetest books (oh my are penguin picture books cute), and digging out all the penguin toys I'd managed to amass over the years. Oh and apparently Aldi make a cheesy penguin cracker. Cute as.

Every other Friday night is now Pizza and Movie night in our house and we started the month off with Happy Feet, which I'd never seen before. Singing and dancing penguins should have been awesome, right? But not even Robin Williams could save this one for me. It dragged and the environmental hammering every few minutes was... odd. I appreciate what the movie was aiming to do, but not the best I've seen. We ended the month with Ice Age, which both Dear Boy and I dug a whole lot more. He was enamoured with the baby. And that sloth just kills me.

I'd wanted to include a little snowy adventure this month but, although the weather complied and dumped it all over the mountains, we didn't have the time to make a day trip. I'm saving that one for some time in July or early August. I'm excited.

Moving into July, I think Dear Boy's going to be in heaven. It's construction and transportation month with all manner of trucks and machines and road signs and engineering to explore. We've borrowed some new books from the library and are ready and vrooming to go.

How have you been welcoming winter this year? 

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