Friday, May 16, 2014

"You see the new job's a hassle and the kids have the flu"

My new job's not at all a hassle, but it's been taking up quite a bit of my time and brain space this last week or two; combine that with a sick Lovely Husband and a borderline sick Dear Boy who's transitioning from two to four days a week in care and there's not a whole lot left over.

I wanted to write about all those new job things, when you not only take on a new environment and new people but also a new role. Everything feels new in this job at the same time that I'm doing all the same old things in my other jobs. I wanted to talk specifically about the weird little new job things, like figuring out:

  • who has the photocopier code
  • if you can get away with checking facebook on your lunch break
  • which is the best toilet in the bathroom 
  • if your colleague is being sarcastic when she says "hello, gorgeous!' when you come in in the morning
  • if these people are mug and food stealers
  • who is the actual person you need to go to to get shit done rather than the officially listed person
  • how long it'll be before you're not the newby anymore
  • what the hell you're meant to be doing.

I also wanted to write my own response to Australia's Federal Budget, which was handed down this week and stunned the crap out of most Australians. Fare thee well, universal health care - hello the start of an American co-pay system (cause we all know how swell that's been); see you later billions of funding to the states for education and health; oh hi, billions for a new road and not a cent for public transport; hello, millions in medical research and bye bye to support for education instiutions that produce (medical) researchers (forehead slap) and for lower income students who want a good education; see you later to financial and administrative help for just about every struggling group in the country; and hello marginal tax increase to the richest of the rich. It's just all too much and too little and difficult to know where to start. 

Last night, Lovely Husband graduated (again) and is now Dr Lovely Husband. We are a two PhD household and the sad state of affairs is that neither of us has permanent jobs; in fact, we both have multiple jobs to try to pull together an income that helps to support our little family. An even sadder state of affairs is that this is "well-off" and there are so many other families in our country who are going to suffer (in a very literal sense) because of this government's financial decisions. I am hoping the Senate knocks that shit right out of the house. Even though some fairly ridiculous people will hold the balance of power in the Senate come July, I am hope hope hoping they come through for the majority of Australians who are not well off, who will not be okay if these measures come into effect. Because making the bottom line look good is not more important than the people. Because the poor getting poorer and the sick getting sicker is not good fiscal management. Flipping Robin Hood had a more ethical financial policy than that.


  1. A huge congrats on the news jobs and your hubby a DR! That is awesome! The sad state of affairs that is our government... hmmm not so awesome at all xx

    1. Thanks, Sonia. It's been a learning curve both at the new job and with the new government. Unforuntately, the more I learn of the latter, the less happy I am.


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