Sunday, May 25, 2014

New (Australian) Songs on a Sunday Afternoon: Impossible Odds

As part of my ongoing effort to increase the range of my cultural consumption, I undertook a challenge to listen to a metric crap-tonne of new songs. I hit that goal at the end of January, notching up a cool 1000 new songs. My favourites can be found here. But after all was said and done, I was feeling a little bereft without the project to work on. It was there, humming in the background of this blog for so long, that it felt like a friend had moved away. I noticed when I was going through my favourites list that there were quite a few Australians featured, so I thought I might make myself a new project, aiming to listen to more local artists and showcase some of the ones I included on my list. This week I am moving on to more of Impossible Odds.

I featured Impossible Odds at No, 583 of my list with this tune: 'Everything'.

This Brisbane hip hop crew of two (MC Fred Leone and DJ James Vincent) haven't put together any other film clips that I can find but there are a few live performances that really show the heart of their songs, their social justice imperatives (although not the recorder's prowess with audio equipment, clearly). The Australian voices, riffs, beats and -isms feel so foreign and familiar. How many songs you've heard work in things like Rugby League?

And then there's 'Talk About It', with more slick audio production and just the barest drops into an Australian accent. 

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