Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Taking Stock

Things have been a little off-kilter the last few days (weeks?) as we've walked our way through Easter and a billion public holidays, weird working weeks and semester break, more job applications and interviews, weird news and sad news, crazy, crazy deadlines for other people's work and deadlines for my own things starting to loom menacingly over my workspace. So I'm taking a little breather and taking stock a la Pip at Meet Me At Mikes and Stacey at The Veggie Mama.

Making: something completely freestyle for a special someone who may or may not read this blog. It's a largish, long-term sewing project that makes my heart a little giddy and my fingers a little sore when I work on it. I think after this, I'm going to teach myself to use the sewing machine.
Cooking: Dan Dan Noodles and embracing a little more chili in my life
Drinking: soda water because there aren't a lot of savoury drinks with bubbles that don't contain alcohol.
Reading: my little stack of birthday books. Now they're finished I'm lost for what to dive into next.
Wanting: a tropical holiday with a couple of hours to myself laying on a beach with a good book.
Looking: at the clock and counting hours of sleep I'm not getting.
Playing: trains. Always.
Deciding: what to get done first. This has involves more than a little procrastifacing the last few days.
Wishing: I hadn't started yesterday's job interview by calling one of the panel members by the wrong name. Mortified given two of the essential job criteria were accuracy and attention to detail.
Enjoying: Nap time
Waiting: for a phone call with further details of a job offer I received.
Liking: the idea of being more fully employed.
Wondering: how I'm going to juggle three jobs plus these motherhood and wifey gigs.
Loving: my long-suffering and eternally busy Lovely Husband and my hilarious Dear Boy.
Pondering: time and productivity. Again.
Considering: what to cook for my next Meatless Monday post.
Watching: a really disturbing show on SBS On Demand called What Happens at Sunny Beach during a lunch break/nap time. The latest episode's title says it all really - 'Any hole's a goal'. My nightmare beach holiday scenario.
Hoping: Dear Boy never goes on holiday in Bulgaria.
Marvelling: at the light in my backyard as the heavy rain clouds make midday seems like dusk.
Needing: a non-sentient housekeeper. I can't keep on top of all of the dust in this house but don't particularly want someone else wandering around in my space.
Smelling: rosemary. Great big chunks of it hacked from the bushes at the front and back door now sit in vases around the house.
Wearing: my first pair of black skinny leg pants. How many years has it taken to find a pair that fit
Following: fictional characters on Twitter, especially @WillMcAvoyACN, the anchor from Aaron Sorkin's The Newsroom. The 28-year-old who writes there isn't in any way connected to the show but works the character so well, I tend to head there for analysis of US and world news (okay - and to watch the way he smashes through people's idiotic opinions). One hell of a creative writing exercise.
Noticing: the cowlicks on my son's crown.
Knowing: more than I ever cared to about childcare exclusions. Just so you know too, if your child has (had) leprosy, you can send them back to care after approval from the appropriate health authority (who knows who that is in Australia given we have no cases of leprosy here). You may or may not be pleased to know that there's absolutely no need to exclude your child from care if they have Legionnaire's Disease. Just drop them off and head on back to work. Riiiiiiight.
Thinking: about case studies for a Masters unit I'm meant to be teaching soon.
Feeling: a little anxious already about starting this new job. Rock steady on the skills front; unfamiliar with specific content area and policies and procedures.
Admiring: my husband's attitude to new situations
Sorting: old clothes, new clothes, fat clothes, skinny clothes.
Buying: stamps for birthday cards. I'm trying, really I am. I've got the address right this time. 
Getting: a birthday card from little brothers.
Bookmarking: next month's Intentional Play ideas/pins
Disliking: whatever the issue is that has been making my browser/Internet freeze and crash intermittently over the last few months. Over it. 
Giggling: over Dear Boy's one-liners. Kid's got this completely unintentional comic timing.
Coveting: greater aplomb to deal with uncertainty.
Helping: myself to the last of the Easter eggs.

How are things over at your place post Easter? Have you taken stock recently?

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  1. I'm still cringeing at the stupid things I said in a webinar last week, I feel your pain! Idiotmouth.


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