Saturday, April 5, 2014

New (Australian) Songs on a Saturday Morning: Sheppard

As part of my ongoing effort to increase the range of my cultural consumption, I undertook a challenge to listen to a metric crap-tonne of new songs. I hit that goal at the end of January, notching up a cool 1000 new songs. My favourites can be found here. But after all was said and done, I was feeling a little bereft without the project to work on. It was there, humming in the background of this blog for so long, that it felt like a friend had moved away. I noticed when I was going through my favourites list that there were quite a few Australians featured, so I thought I might make myself a new project, aiming to listen to more local artists and showcase some of the ones I included on my list. I started with Vance Joy and this week am moving on to more of Sheppard.

Here's their better known tune, which I featured at No. 826: 'Let Me Down Easy'.

I love the silky, soaring harmonies of 'Something's Missing' (No. 827) and I love the cheery but strange optimism of this new (to me) tune: 'Hold My Tongue'. Get me a tambourine, stat!

This Acoustic Session track, 'Free', has one of the women front and centre, a different feel from the others but sweet and dark and lovely.

And then they kick it back into gear and hit you with this: 'Geronimo', beats pulsing, anthemic harmonies and the sweet lines of those ladies weaving through. And, can I say, this is one of the least ugly lyric videos I've seen throughout my quest to listen to 1000 New Songs. I saw quite a few, mostly homemade, but plenty of official ones as well. This one actually makes me want to watch rather than switch screens and just listen in.

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