Saturday, April 19, 2014

New (Australian) Songs on a Saturday Morning: Lenka

As part of my ongoing effort to increase the range of my cultural consumption, I undertook a challenge to listen to a metric crap-tonne of new songs. I hit that goal at the end of January, notching up a cool 1000 new songs. My favourites can be found here. But after all was said and done, I was feeling a little bereft without the project to work on. It was there, humming in the background of this blog for so long, that it felt like a friend had moved away. I noticed when I was going through my favourites list that there were quite a few Australians featured, so I thought I might make myself a new project, aiming to listen to more local artists and showcase some of the ones I included on my list. This week I am moving on to more of Lenka.

Lenka is one of Lovely Husband's wispy voiced ladies that he listens to. I think he's especially enamoured with this one because she hosted Cheez TV back in the day (not to mention GP and a small stints on Home and Away, Wildside and All Saints), which I guess may have fuelled a few early teen fantasies. Who knows. I included her single, 'The Show', at number 68.

She's got a fair passel of quirk about her and it works. Especially here, in 'Everything at Once', with a carnival/carousel wurlitzer humming in the background. I'm not sure I'd feel the same about it though after hearing it in the new Windows 8 ad.

I'm in love with the little cuties in this video, face-painted and ready to play. I'm also a little in love with this tune: 'Heart to the Party'.

Finally, 'Two' is a little piece of happy-clappy-ness. Some days I'm all about the happy-clappy.

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