Sunday, April 20, 2014

Intentional Play (April): All Eastered out

I'll admit I'm already worn out with this month's Intentional Play theme. Easter's a much bigger holiday than any of the others we've included so far and with an abundance of craft and activities, our little house has been littered with (plastic/cardboard) eggs, fluffy chicks and rabbits. The eggs and chicks above were my well-lets-see-if-this-works centrepiece for an Easter dinner with friends. I adore the subtle green of that egg in the middle although these are really a great big Pinterest fail after attempting ombre eggs and those suckers just not standing up in a cup and my dyes not being serious enough for the job.

In an attempt to avoid a diabetic coma, I've included all manner of non-consumables in our Easter Egg hunt. These little chicks aren't all that durable (eeep, scary faceless chicks!) but they added some serious cute to the festivities. Dear Boy cradled them ever so gently in his chubbsy little fists hands and came running back to me with each one (only somewhat smooshed).

Even trying to cut down, we still ended up with a metric crap-tonne of chocolate. Family and friends kept appearing with shiny, foiled-wrapped bunnies and eggs. Now my wardrobe is housing the bulk of the leftovers and will soon be (mostly) rehoused to the work kitchenette where they'll be devoured by hangry academics in search of sugar.

That poor boy of mine crashed pretty hard after an egg or two right after breakfast and was parked in front of a happy, cheery music DVD until he calmed the eff down. Afterwards we took down the toilet-roll bunnies he'd helped me make last week and he discovered the most definitely non-chocolate bits and pieces I'd hidden in the middle: a small stash of crayons and a few printed Easter Bilby pictures for colouring and drawing all over. Perfect for a little vegemite in need of a few sugar-free moments of calm.

Have you had a very chocolate-y Easter? Do you have any non-chocolate Easter traditions (I'm on the look out for more of those for next year)?

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