Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Drinking his greens: The smoothie that changed his mind

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What kid doesn't like smoothies?

Umm... my kid.

I used to buzz up gloriously pink and purple concoctions with berries and yoghurt and milk. And his little nose would turn up at them all. When he wouldn't eat any food, I thought it would be guzzled down. But no. His Dad's milkshakes, full of icecream, yes. Our home-whizzed smoothies, no.

And then it hit 40 degrees, and Dear Boy and I spent hours wandering through the air-conditioned shopping centre. And I succumbed to store-bought smoothies. And then he succumbed to the want of whatever I was having. Smoothie downed. And that was my in. I dusted off my blender and piled in all the good stuff from the fridge. More smoothies downed. Success.

The best ingredient for our smoothies, by far, are frozen grapes. Not only have we been living on them on the super-hot Melbourne days, but they ice up the smoothie beautifully. They're best in non-dairy smoothies like our current favourite, a tropical green beauty.

Green Smoothies, Boost Juice

There are no real measurements or rules for the ingredients - just keep the banana to a minimum as it will overtake the flavour of the smoothie. The more ice you add the more like a slushie this becomes - some days that's exactly what we're after.

This basic recipe lends itself to extras: mint is perfect, but coriander or parsley work if your kid is used to more savoury drinks; avocado, mango or even a dash or two of coconot milk will help make it extra creamy; celery, kale or other green leafy veg would work too but take the flavour profile a little too close to "dirt" for my boy's tastes.

One step at a time.

On the rare occasion that there are any leftovers, I stick them straight into an ice-cube tray and freeze them. Dear Boy is loving his "green hearts, Mummy" at the moment - finally getting some use out of this cute little number I found at IKEA over a year ago (the fish version remains resolutely useless).

IKEA heart-shaped ice tray

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  1. Arch drank smoothies when he was little. Now, no more. Not even in a fancy cup from the store. And I LOVE our fish ice cube tray! Press on their little heads and they just pop right out! :-P


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