Saturday, January 11, 2014

New Songs on a Saturday Morning (921-960)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here

There was a final push to try and get this baby finished before the New Year so I could tick it off my Before I Go list and feel like I accomplished more last year - to feel resolved...resolute? To listen to 80 new songs in such a short period was a bit rough while we were away. I gave it a good shot, though - with Rage on through the morning and making notes about the songs on my brother's mix CDs that live in the door pockets of the car he lent us. It's been a weird and wonderful few weeks of music. I'll link some of these babies up later. But pushing on...

921. Boy and Bear - 'Harlequin Dream'
922. Vance Joy - 'Playing with Fire' - Love this.
923. John Legend - 'All of Me'
924. Meg Mac - 'Every Lie'
925. D2 Deathrays - 'Northern Lights'
926. Saskwatch - 'Hands'
927. Metronomy - 'The Look'
928. Died Pretty - 'Stoneage Cinderella'
929. Client Liason -'Feeling'
930. She-Rex - 'P.O.W.E.R'
931. Passenger - 'Let It Go' - Ummm can't believe this hasn't made it onto the list already. I've been hearing it for a while and kept assuming it was on a New Songs list weeks and months ago. 
932. Passenger - 'The Wrong Direction'.
933. Passenger - 'Holes'.
934. Passenger - 'Riding to New York' - whole box of tissues.

935. Passenger - 'I'll be your Man'.
936. Passenger - 'A Thousand Matches'.
937. Lorde - 'Tennis Court'.
938. Lorde - 'Team'.
939. Miley Cyrus, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon - 'We Can't Stop' - Okay, I liked this song (but not the clip) a while ago, but this version is redeeming.
940. Robin Thicke, The Roots and Jimmy Fallon - 'Blurred Lines' - Strangely, same comment as above. But this time there's a little Casio keyboard.
941. The Roots - 'How I Got Over'.
942. The Roots - 'The Next Movement'. 
943. The Roots feat. Erykah Badu - 'You Got Me'.
944. The Black Keys - 'Your Touch'. 
945. The Black Keys - 'Little Black Submarines'.
946. Lana Del Rey - 'Summertime Sadness'.
947. Lana Del Rey -  'Blue Jeans'.
948. Gossling - 'Wild Love'.
949. Gossling - 'Heart Killer'.
950. ASTA - 'My Heart is on Fire'. The only time I've listened to Triple J in...errr... years, this lady was on and in a trivia quiz with Triple J listeners. It disturbs me that she didn't know what s'il vous plait translated to in English. Has she never seen a movie? 
951. ASTA - 'I Need Answers'.
952. Art versus Science 'Parlez-vous Francais' - Crass but catchy. And now that I think about it - I think I've already counted this one. Damn.
952. The Avalanches - 'Frontier Psychiatrist'.
953. Elizabeth Rose - 'The Good Life'.
954. Elizabeth Rose - 'Crystallise'.
955. Redfoo - 'Let's Get Ridiculous'.
956. Katy Perry feat. Juicy J - 'Dark Horse'.
957. Beyonce - 'Countdown'.
958. Beyonce - 'Party'.
959. Beyonce - 'Drunk in Love' (explicit).
960. Beyonce - 'Dance for You'.

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