Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Intentional play themes for 2014

I posted a few days ago about my desire to do some more intentional play with Dear Boy this year. I've wrangled together a list of themes, including seasonal and event specific themes where possible (please note, these are Australian/Southern hemisphere based), starting with a summery, watery month. Not sure how successful that's going to be given Melbourne's *ahem* temperamental weather (19 degrees, I'm looking at you). Below you'll find my initial list of ideas for January, although these are by no means exhaustive or prescriptive. I've also put together a Pinterest board for inspiration and to help coral ideas.

Gross motor – swimming/kicking/splashing in the water; running in the sand; “swimming” in projected blue light/ocean scene; cardboard boat races; slip and slide/tarpaulin; beach ball throwing and kicking;
Fine motor – playdough with shells; fishing with magnets; pipe cleaner/colander “octopus”; putting rays on a round paper/foam sphere sun; balloon octopus with crepe paper tentacles; homemade fish stamps; collage with sand/shells; fishbowl collage; sea horse/turtle;
Sensory – sand pit with shells, sea glass, pebbles, pumice; seashell mobile; jellyfish goo/blubber
Imagination – underwater themed finger puppets/felt board for making up stories; laundry basket boat/cardboard box submarine on a blue sheet;
Small world – “underwater life” in clear container; fishbowl; jellyfish in a bottle
Lessons – sunscreen and hats; water safety

Everyday adventures - beach, pool, floating cork/paper boat down the creek
Outing – Melbourne Aquarium

BooksWho Sank The Boat?; Rainbow Fish; Peppa Goes Swimming; Mister Seahorse (Eric Carle);
Songs – ‘We All Live in a Yellow Submarine’; ‘Octopus' Garden’; ‘Row, Row, Row Your Boat’; ‘Here Is The Sea’; ‘Sail and Float (Little People)’
Poems – ‘Owl and the Pussy Cat’; ‘Rhyme of the Ancient Mariner’
MoviesFinding Nemo
Existing Toys – Little People boats; pirate ship with sailors; surfing safari van; bath toys; green sea turtle/clown fish/dolphin softies; Peso & jellyfish; dune buggy

I'll be posting a new list of ideas at the beginning of each month, and a wrap up at the end. If you're interested in joining us this year, please feel free to follow the pin board, suggest pins, leave comments or links to your own play adventures. 

Now, I've got a list; I've got some ideas. Let's get playing.

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