Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Intentional Play - The Mum Craft

As well as rediscovering old and forgotten toys, our month of intentional play has also been an opportunity to spread our craft wings. Dear Boy's been playing with stamps and painting lot of paper plates that we've crafted into fishy-type things. And I've finally made him a little fishing game, raiding the felt scraps, my safety pins and Lovely Husband's small collection of magnets.

I freeformed some fish designs, stitched on some fins and then pieced them together. Some are stuffed with a little hobby fill and some aren't. I started stitching at the 'mouth' end, then when I came back round, stitched in a safety pin (backwards) for the magnet to grasp. Those suckers are stitched in there good and tight but if Dear Boy manages to pull apart the whole fish, it's possible, he'll score one of the pins.

Last stage was to make him a little fishing line with a magnet. But turns out Dear Boy doesn't actually like to fish. He dabbed tentatively at the fish with the rod a few times before throwing it away. He just prefers to cuddle those fish instead.

Western Australia government, please take note.

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