Thursday, January 16, 2014

Intentional Play: January (the mid-point)

We've hit the mid-point of our first month of Intentional Play and have been thoroughly immersed (sometimes literally) in our summery, beachy, watery theme. I have to say, it's been fun for both of us - for him because he's revisiting old toys and being introduced to new books and songs and activities; and for me as it's taken some of the burden out of thing keeping him entertained. The structure of the theme has provided opportunities rather than limiting them, showing me (in Bourdieu's term - ha, because I can) the space of possibles.

At the beginning of the month, I did a stocktake of our existing summer and water themed toys, collecting them all together and setting them up in the middle of the loungeroom floor. A sheet and a towel are our ocean, where a pirate ship sails, two fishing boats float and a handful of bath-tub creatures dwell. At the edges, a queen and a schoolgirl surf the waves... because that's how we roll.

 We also got the paint out for the first time in quite a while. A small stack of paper plates dug out from the junk cupboard have been painted and coloured and turned into suns and fish and jelly fish (photos at the end of the month).

We've also been swimming, or wading and splashing, visiting the local pool in the early morning and retiring to the paddling pool in the backyard in the late afternoon to help beat the heat as Melbourne sizzles and bakes at 40+ the last few days. Once the mercury drops back down we're heading down to the bay, to put our feet in the sand and collect sea shells.

Have you done any intentional play this month? If it's over 40 degrees at your place, how are you keeping the kids busy?

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