Wednesday, January 22, 2014

26 New Tricks: The Wrap Up

So I learned how to do 26 new things in 2013 (okay, one in 2014 as well). They were small and large projects, some obvious and not-so-obvious, some googled and some made-up. They're things I've wanted to learn and things I bumped into in the course of parenting or pinning or being in the world. There's nothing monumental here, nothing ground-breaking, but they're new to me. Having them all logged on Lilybett and Boy makes me feel not only that I accomplished something but that I took steps forward, always learning and always striving to be better and do better - for myself, for him, for us.

So what did I actually learn?

HTML fancies and blogging tricks:





I am still chasing HTML tricks that'll help me improve my blog design and connectivity and am finally going to learn to use a sewing machine this year. That just opens up a whole new world of New Tricks, including making Dear Boy a pair of shorts that he can actually wear (the 'can actually wear' part is the important bit of that goal). 

Did you teach yourself any New Tricks in 2013? Anything you want to learn in 2014?

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