Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Resolve: A rundown of 2013 resolutions and what's next for 2014

It's that time of year again - time for taking stock, preparing and planning for change, thinking about the coming year. Here's the list of resolutions  I made this time last year:

My over-arching, over-riding goal this year was to be less sloppy. Not sure that I entirely achieved that one.
  • Me: fix crazy baby hair (check!); figure out how to solve outfit issues (uh, no); be comfortable but more put together at work (I think this one worked out okay - I found a happy medium between the two)
  • My home: putting away the never-ending laundry rather than making our lounge-room our closet; getting the dishes into the dishwasher after each meal; having a weekly desk tidy (yeah, so this was a long shot - life with a toddler, or at least, my life with my toddler means this was a pipe dream)
  • My work: be more than half-arsed about lesson-planning and craft workshops that engage the students; give more lectures without reading my notes (I think I did okay at both of these - the feedback from the students this year showed they were more engaged with the materials and happy with the overall shape of the subject); write an article; attend a conference (I was partially funded to attend this conference and had two papers accepted. One was published in the refereed conference precedings and the other may find home in a small ebook collection)
  • My blog: fix the design; work on the photos collages (Check! I've been playing with all of these things throughout the year. I did a little redesigning and managed to improve my photoshop skills from nil to middling. It's an ongoing process).
Other concrete/time-specific goals were:
The slightly more nebulous goals are, as always, an ongoing project.

And for 2014? What will the New Year Bring? Here's the short and sweet version:
  • Fix the work situation. It is well and truly broken, so there's going to be some internal and external fixes, some retraining, some hunting further afield and perhaps a few uncomfortable but necessary conversations with my boss and maybe Lovely Husband as well.
  • Learn to use the sewing machine.
  • Sew a pair of shorts or pants for Dear Boy using said sewing machine.
  • Learn more about the camera and how to take good pictures
  • Be a better social media operator. Sorry Twitter for neglecting you so badly in 2013.
  • Undertake another month long blog-every-day challenge - whether it's one of my own making or linking in with someone else's prompt list.
  • Make our home more lovely to be in and less 'uni-chic' and 'that'll do'.
  • Be better/smarter about savings, super and health/car insurance.
  • Put together another long-term project (TBA in the next month or two)
What are you resolving to do with the next year?

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