Thursday, December 12, 2013

Removing playdoh from the carpet (New Tricks 21/26)

Kids. They're really just here to keep carpet cleaners and stain removal product makers in business. So far we've dealt with food, formula/milk, vomit, crayon and paint. Now it's Play-Doh's turn (I'm using the official version's name here because that's what we use - Dear Boy has an aversion to the homemade stuff - sigh).

So how do you remove Play-Doh from carpet after it's been ground on in there by a little foot?

My first instinct was to head for hot, soapy water or our carpet stain removal, but I did a quick check on the internets and apparently, that's not what Hasbro (the makers of Play-Doh) recommend.

So the official version goes:
1. If it's still fresh - pick up anyPlay-Doh by dabbing/pressing on the pieces with more Play-Doh. Most of the Doh should come away. If it doesn't, just let it dry out completely.
2. If it's completely dried - you can loosen it from the carpet with a stiff brush and either pick out the pieces or vacuum them up.
3. If it's super stuck, dried Play-Doh - wash it with gentle soap and cold water (not hot, apparently).

I let ours dry out for a few days and then scrubbed at it. Most of it's come up but it also left a nice blue tinge to the carpet. That came up pretty quick with my stain removal spray.

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