Friday, December 13, 2013

Keeping him away from the Christmas tree (New Tricks 22/26)

Once our Christmas tree went up, I needed a way to keep his little fingers away from it, fast. Even with our little tree up on a table, it was no match for our little monkey. So how do you keep a toddler away from a bright shiny Christmas tree? Make him his own.

I emptied out my scrap bag of felt and made a pile of little decorations. I didn't have a large piece of green felt handy and didn't want to spent a tonne of money on one, but eventually found one at our new Daiso store for $2.80 (- they have a huge range of crafting felt in there, huge pieces and multi coloured packs, all for $2.80, if anyone's on the lookout)

Instead of cutting out the shape of a tree, I left the green felt as a big rectangle to make it easier to hang or clip onto the backs of chairs/his easel, etc. I then stitched on a long piece of wool that I arranged on the felt in a Christmas tree shape. You could also cut out the tree shape and then stitch or stick it to a larger piece of fabric or even pin it to a cork board.

My decorations include multi-coloured baubles, stars, snowmen, some seriously wonky gingerbread men, a little tree and some presents that I decorated with scraps of ribbon. All up these took me around two hours, cutting and stitching in front of Die Hard 2. Hey, it counts as a Christmas movie.

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