Monday, December 16, 2013

Getting my Christmas Geek on with Star Wars snowflakes (New Tricks 23/26)

My Lovely Husband does not bask in the warm glow of the Christmas spirit. So I'm trying a few new tricks to see if I can bring him round. First up - Star Wars themed snowflakes, courtesy of Anthony Herrera, who has put out different Star Wars-themed snowflake designs over the last few Christmases. There are a whole passel of Star Wars spacecraft and characters, some of which are eerily similar to real life and others that are faintly ridiculous. I ran with Yoda and Boba Fett, because they looked the easiest.

The beauty of these snowflake designs is that you can download the .pdfs and print as is - the design is printed onto a circle (or a square) with fold lines, so you can just cut it out, fold and cut from there. No messing around trying to figure it out on your own necessary.

Having never actually cut a snowflake before, the folding part wasn't as self-evident as I'd expected. Watch the video. It makes a whole lot more sense.  You eventually end up with a little folded wedge, with the ready-to-cut design on top. The guys in the video used both scissors and a craft knife. I like all my fingers where they are so skipped the craft knife for these ones.

I got most of the way through Boba Fett before a catastrophic scissor mishap maimed all six of him for life. But... he still looks kinda cool. Yoda fared a little better but I just couldn't get into the fine detail of his eyes and ears with my scissors. No matter how awesome and superbly left-handed they are. 

Lovely Husband's geek den (i.e. the other side of the dining room/study from me) scored these little beauties. And he cracked a smile when he got home from work and saw them. But sadly, they've been "put away" who knows where.

I'll get him singing Christmas carols yet.

Do you have a Christmas grinch/naysayer at your place? What tricks have you tried to bring them over the to the dark Christmas side?

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