Sunday, December 29, 2013

Blueberry Pie - Finnish style (New Tricks 25/26)

When we were holidaying country-style, we went blueberry picking. And we picked lots. Although not as many kilos as in previous years, there were still bags full that lasted through many days and desserts and smoothies and breakfasts. One of the ways to put a hole in the blueberry supply was this teeth-achingly delicious pie (courtesy of friend and former colleague S, who in years past spent time in Finland). It's a mustikkapiirakka, which is a mouthful, just like the pie itself.

The pie we made was based on this recipe, with a biscuity pie crust, topped with blueberries and then a sour-cream laden custard that sets much less densely than a cheesecake. And okay, by "we made", I mean I watched... and ate enough of the results to have it burned into my psyche. But I learned one hell of a way to use up blueberries while doing it.

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