Thursday, December 26, 2013

Apron and trivets (New Tricks 24/26)

I finished this project and this post before Christmas - but couldn't pop it up on the blog without spoiling the surprise. I'm not great at delayed gratification so I hope the recipients appreciate this.

This is take two on making an apron as a Christmas present. I attempted one last year but it was fairly woeful -too small a piece of fabric (although awesome fabric) meant it was fairly child-sized and laughably short. The hems were pretty rough and ready at the same time, just folded over into fat wads and stitched.

This year, I gave myself extra fabric and time to do it better. I cut it longer (although perhaps a little too wide?). I made and stitched binding around the edges.

And then I did a little scrap busting with the leftovers, quilting pieces together and sandwiching in bamboo wadding and a special piece of heat resistant wadding to make a trivet/oven mitt. That heat resistant stuff is weird and wonderful - the stuff I used came with instructions and an oven mitt pattern - very handy. 

And then I picked out some favourite fabrics and made two more.

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