Friday, November 29, 2013

Temporary tattoo removal (New tricks 19/26)

I did the Swisse Color Run last weekend and slapped on the temporary tattoos provided in my registration pack. The small one I put on my cheek came off in the first shower, but I've been living with a 'happy' leg for the last week. Soap and water haven't done the trick and neither, curiously, has shaving.

With warmer weather coming up this weekend, I'm ready to have my skin back. So I've turned to the internets for some answers. Below are some of the most common suggestions for removing a 'temporary' tattoo that's outstayed its welcome.

1. Lotion or moisturiser. I have plenty of tubs and bottles of these things around the house but the suggestion to leave it for an hour or so made me shelve that idea.

2. Sticky tape. Essentially slap a piece of sticky tape over the top of the tattoo, rub it a little (like putting the tattoo on) and then peel off, bringing the tattoo with it. Apparently, you're meant to repeat as many times as necessary and then use ice after to reduce redness. Um... no.

3. Nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol. I don't have nail polish in the house, let alone nail polish remover, so that one kinda excluded itself.

4. Windex. A la My Big Fat Greek Wedding. Ha ha. I think the closest we have in the house is an ancient bottle of glasses cleaner.

5. Baby oil or petroleum jelly. The plus with both of these is that they only require a minute or two of "soaking" and then wipe off. No baby oil in the house, so I substituted olive oil and even just rubbing a little on, the tattoo started to come off onto the cotton ball. A few swipes later and it's gone. Okay, I smell like a salad, but the tattoo is gone (and there's no need for ice or a decontamination unit).

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