Monday, November 25, 2013

Taking stock

I always feel more reflective towards the end of the year: the end of semester in October; finishing work and preparations in November; more preparations and family holidays in December; and then new plans in January. So I'm hitching up to the lovely Pip's Taking Stock posts - and getting down on paper in a blog post all the stuff and things and ideas that are weaving in and out of our lives at the moment. 

Making: Christmas presents now that the Softies for Mirabel are away
Cooking: from Save with Jamie because working my way through a cookbook is easier than writing a weekly meal plan from scratch.
Drinking: coffee-flavoured cold drinks
Reading: the last of the Jack Reacher novels
Wanting: more sleep (what mum doesn't?)
Looking: forward to our holiday up north
Playing: Lady Gaga for my boy ('Bad Romance' is our happy dancing song - ra-ma-ra-ma-ma-gaga-oh-la-la)
Deciding: whether to get Dear Boy a balance bke or a tricycle for his birthday in early January (he's a gangly little speed demon and has almost outgrow his current set of wheels)
Wishing: for a win in one of the car/house competitions I'm entered in
Enjoying: ABC iview and SBS On Demand
Waiting: to hear about work next year (oh, the waiting!)
Liking: having blocks of butter in my fridge to make Christmas biscuits for a little get-together next weekend (We don't keep butter in the house at  any other time of year)
Wondering: when Melbourne's going to get its act together and decide it's not still winter (I want to take all the doonas and blankets off my bed, so c'mon already!)
Loving: my sister-in-law's simultaneous sweetness and raucousness
Pondering: my future career options and potentially going back to university to retrain for a job with a little more security
Considering: making a felt Christmas tree with decorations to keep Dear Boy from pulling the actual tree apart.

Watching: my feverish boy watch Little Charlie Bear while he eats rice bubbles from a bowl with his fingers.
Hoping: his fever breaks soon
Marvelling: at how well he did last night, lying on a hospital gurney, while a student doctor pricked his fingers over and over, squeezing his blood into little vials
Needing: more sleep (because needing is different to wanting)
Smelling: whatever that ED nurse was wearing last night. So fruity.
Wearing: pajamas for as long as I can, every day.
Following: Inked in Colour and Life Love and Hiccups in every forum I can - cause I'm a gutz like that.
Noticing: just how many stories there are like this in the world, my own included.
Knowing: it's an uphill and ongoing struggle to change a culture where (some/a lot of) men think it's just not that big a deal.
Thinking: about happier things (or trying to).
Admiring: people who use their talents to try and make a difference.
Buying: nothing this week, but am going to have to restrain myself from picking up unnecessary craft supplies come pay day.
Getting: greyer by the day
Bookmarking: this because Pinterest was non-functional
Opening: my first copy of Cosmopolitan in over a decade and feeling and not feeling at all inspired, enlightened or empowered.
Giggling: every time Dear Boy asks "what's dat noise?"
Feeling: leg sore from The Color Run and a little worried for my boy.


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