Saturday, November 23, 2013

New Songs on a Saturday Morning (841-850)

As part of my ongoing effort to improve the range of my cultural consumption, I'm casting out for new things to listen to. Part one and an explanation of this musical escapade can be found here

This week's list comes from friends' discussion of some of their favourite songs, those they just love, those they chose to walk down the aisle and those from funny or significant times of their lives. So many of the songs sound like high school to me, like the songs my friends were listening to and the bands they were skipping school and training down to Sydney to see. 

841. Barenaked Ladies - 'If I Had a Million Dollars'
842. Jimmy Eat World -'Sweetness'
843. Ben Kweller - 'Sundress'
844. Magic Dirt - 'Dirty Jeans'
845. Frenzal Rhomb - 'Never Had So Much Fun'
846. Edwin McCain - 'I'll Be'
847. Unwritten Law - 'Cailin'
848. John Butler - 'Spring'
849. The Cat Empire - 'The Chariot'
850. The Cat Empire - 'Car Song'

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