Monday, November 18, 2013

Bon voyage, little softies

Six little softies are making their way off to Melbourne, where they'll join in on a little softie soiree in the window of CAE's Info Shop in Degraves St, before being distributed to a few Mirabel Foundation kids.

These little guys started life as a pile of fabric and a few ideas, with a few flat-out unstuffed instagram pics along the way (#softiesformirabel). One of them even hit the big-time and got their own pattern and tutorial for download. And now they're all done. Stuffed, stitched up and crowded into a box. I'm going to try and make it into the city with Dear Boy and take in the CAE softie display when we do our Christmas window walk-about. If you're in town, go and check it out! Maybe you'll see one of these guys there. 

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