Thursday, October 10, 2013

New Tricks (16/26): Pimping my Facebook page

I may or may not have watched a little Pimp My Ride in my day. Mostly during those infant days when there was a lot of couch love as Dear Boy ate and slept and generally lived in our ever-tired arms. I have no desire to deck out my car with a stupid array of speakers, lights, fireworks displays or juicers (?!) so I'm going to have to settle for pimping up my facebook page instead.

On one of my forays into Pinterest, I caught a pin that promised "primping" of one's facebook page, and although the "primps" weren't quite going to work for me, it was easily adapted for Lilybett and Boy's page. Essentially what I wanted to do was add some facebook apps that linked into a few of my other social media outlets, namely Instagram and Pinterest, and then make those app tabs look less grey and dull.


I said... TA-DAH!!

Okay, maybe I'm spending a little too much time on Picmonkey these days but using a font called Budmo Jiggler just amuses me no end.

Want to know how to do it too (the pimping, not the Budmo Jiggling)? It's pretty easy.
  1. Add your apps. The photos tab will always sit in that 1st position but you have three extra slots to play with (two if you don't want to lose the 'like' tab). I used the Pinterest Page App and InstaTab Facebook App. You go through the normal rigmarole of allowing them access and can then load in your specific Pinterest or Instagram profile. The InstaTab app will let you display numerous profiles so you can also add your favourites to the feed. It's up to you who or what or how many.
  2. Adjust the order. Once you've added the apps, click on the pencil/edit icon that will appear in the top right corner of the app. This will give you options to adjust the order of the tabs by swapping them around.
  3. Customise your tabs. In that same pencil/edit list you have an option to 'edit settings'. In the pop-up box you can change the tab's label as well as add your own customised tab picture. These must be 111px by 74px. I made mine using Picmonkey and a freebie chevron pattern from Mel Stampz (Thanks Mel!). Her New Leaf (she of the "primping") has freebie customised tabs if you don't want to make your own. 
I'm still looking for an app to fill the third slot, but I much prefer my homemade tabs to the empty, grey slots there previously. Keeping watching that page for more pimping.

Have you pimped your facebook page or blog lately? Care to share your new tricks?


  1. I am constantly pimping our page ( its fun isn't it? are you on twitter for the third?

    1. I am on Twitter but there are a few different facebook apps for it and I'm still trying to figure which I'd want. Did you customise Down That Little Lane's grey Pinterest, Instagram and Twitter tabs yourself?

  2. Nice Primping! I didn't realise having Pinterest on my page was an option - so THANKS!
    Lovely blog you have here; I love your design. PicMonkey is fab aye??
    (coming to you via Maxabella's linky) x

    1. Thanks! I am loving Picmonkey and have been seriously tempted to pay for the royale upgrade to get access to all the extra fancy bits and pieces. Not sure if it's worth it when I'm loving playing around with all the freebies.

  3. Great primping, my dear! Looks so much prettier than my boring old tabs...I must get onto it. I'm also a picmonkey nutter, there's just so much cool stuff on there - I use it constantly. Thanks for the tips!!


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