Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Dear Boy (21 months)

Dear Boy,

You are 21 months old. Three more months have flown by and you are becoming ever more you. I wonder how much of you now will remain with the you of our future, because you now is pretty damn awesome.

You continue to be the world's cleverest little boy in our eyes with your vocabularly and understanding growing exponentially as you take in more of the world around you. You are regularly regaling us with three and four words sentences: "Mummy sit down too" is a favourite as I push you on the swings. My bum doesn't always fit into the tiny seats, but you always want me to share in the rush and joy. Your sweet little manners are also starting to emerge: "Mummy, bless you, achoo" and "more please", "sorry Percy" and "well done, sharing". Your memory for detail is growing too and it's amazing to hear you recite big long lists and pre-empting stories and adding in more and more colour to your words: "See you later, Postie; see you later Postie motorbike"; "garbage truck! cement mixer! ambulance - neena neena!" and "Thomas, Hiro, Victor my friend, Mavis, Dash, spare parts car, log car, weather tracker, James, Bella". You've also started singing your favourite songs: "buuuuuut - frogs a ladidadida a not galumph, galumph galumph"; "up a sky zoom, zoom, zoom"; "Like noise, like quiet" (although you yell the soft, quiet parts).

You've also picked up so many phrases, our phrases, that are hilarious coming out of your mouth, and a little worrying because it makes us sound like completely uncool stoner parents: "Awesome"; "duuuude"; "crumbs, DM"; and "No problem" (which you substitute for yes quite a lot). We have to watch our language as you soak up everything we say and store it away for later.

Your little brain is also wrapping itself around the concept of emotions, sometimes successfully ("scary dinosaur, Mummy"; "happy"; "angry") and sometimes not so successfully ("happy angry, Mummy"). You've also learn a little Bobby McFerrin telling us to "be happy" when we say "don't worry". There's even a few do do dos thrown in there.

When I look at you, you are a beautiful mixture of big boy and baby boy. Next to the big kids, your face, your gorgeously pinchy cheeks are all baby and you ask in your little voice for them to share; next to the babies, and even some of the kids your age, you seem so grown up - telling us exactly what you want and what you like and don't like, putting the train tracks together and zooming round on the bikes. When you wear your jeans and boots, you seem 10 years old already.

We have put away so many baby toys recently and you're picking out the baby books to read far less often. You choose the soft paper books over the board books and ask over and over for Green Eggs and Ham. You're happy to sit on our laps and listen to us read the books with more words and smaller pictures. You love all your Thomas books, the Peppa Pig books and the various dinosaur books we've inherited.

You are covered in scratches and bruises as you rush through the world and your mind flies away faster than your feet can carry you. We've been to the hospital a few times and you now bear a scar under your lip from where you collided with a wooden chair face first. Cut on one side and teeth through the other but luckily not all the way through. Last week you tumbled from the bench outside and split your chin and this morning you walked right into the corner of the bench, leaving a dint in your forehead and the promise of a bruise. We are applying bandaids and arnica and cuddles so often these days.

You are becoming a sweet, cuddly boy who is happy to snuggle in with Mum and Dad, tucking your hands in and laying your cheek on our shoulders. You're also a hit-and-run cuddler, colliding into to us and hugging our legs for the briefest moment then running back to your toys. Your soft squishy toys are suddenly receiving so many snuggles and cuddles too, especially the elephant puppet we picked up at the zoo.

You are all sweetness and seriousness. You smile more than you frown. Although that crumpled forehead frown is still pretty cute.

Do you realise that the next one of these will be for your 2nd birthday? Fizzling fireboxes!

Much love,

Your Mum. xx

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  1. Dear Boy is so lucky he has a Mummy who writes all these milestones down for him. Don't forget to keep telling him how much his Grandma loves him.


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