Monday, September 16, 2013

I *sparkly heart* flash mobs (especially the proposal ones)

I am not a big cat video fan. I'm not a funniest home videos fan. I will get a bit gushy over cute kids falling asleep or singing toddlers and I use it to find New Songs on a Saturday Morning but yeah, generally not a huge you tube video browser. BUT, I'm a total sucker for a flash mob and I always end up clicked link after link. This Home Depot proposal popped up in a feed recently and it's just one in a long line of awesome (although sometimes dubiously choreographed) flash mob proposals. I love the shock, the surprise, the slow growth of the mob, the awkward dancing relatives, the crying, the yes, did I mention the dancing?

This flash mob was one of the first I ever saw, and yeah, it's all TV corporate, but The Sound of Music is old school and ingrained, and the joy on the commuters' faces brings joy into my own heart.

And this one's an ad for something else, but it's Heathrow and the arrivals hall and I know what it feels like to walk through those gates and have noone waiting and to wait at those gates for far too long... and I've watched Love Actually more times than I can count.

And then Peer Gynt on a train. I could weep.

No seriously. Are you weeping yet?

And the proposals, oh the proposals. I am sucker for a proposal story at the best of times. My own goes something like this: "So I suppose getting married would make you happy right. So maybe we should just do it". That's not verbatim, but close enough.

This guy, this Isaac Lamb - he knew what he was up to with the brother and the car, and the headphones, and the friends and the family, and the people skyping in, and the marching band... and the happiness on his love's face says it all.

So it's cheesy, I know. It might even be bone-crushingly embarassing to find yourself at the centre of one, but (apart from the obvious ads and the out and out attention-seekers) at their core is the desire to please other people, to take a few moments of someone's life and make it memorable, to take a few moments of a stranger's day and make it brighter. 

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