Saturday, August 31, 2013

VAGINA! Oh, and MLKJr, the election and all that: A list of links

1. Vaginas! Vaginas! Vaginas! This was a really interesting piece on the role of porn in making women self-conscious about their vaginas and why the author will be showing her kids pictures of uncensored, normal vaginas from a censored student publication (there are no vagina pics if you click on this link – it’s work friendly – but there are links on that page where you can go and see the censored and the uncensored version of the vagina cover). Here’s a quote from the piece that made me get all up on my soapbox and shout VAGINA in this post title:
“In Australian magazines, all vaginas have to be ‘healed to a single crease’ according to the censors. I’ll never forget that description. Anything ‘outside’ the crease has to be photoshopped away.”

No, seriously?


2. It was the 50 yearanniversary of the Martin Luther King’s 'I have a dream' speech. In a recent episode of The Newsroom, there was an interesting bit of dialogue from Will McAvoy about the rise of Martin Luther King Jr, who made his name fighting Rosa Park’s arrest for taking a stand against segregation on buses. But nine months earlier, it was a 15 year old, unmarried and pregnant Claudette Colvin who was the first to be arrested. She was judged entirely unsuitable as a representative of the African American fight for equal rights... because, you know... unwed teen mother and all that. Birmingham’s African American community’s committee looked into the case but decided to wait for a better case to pursue. Had they run with it, had they taken up Claudette Colvin rather than Rosa Parks as their catalyst, King may never have reached such political heights. We may never have heard ‘I have a dream’.

3. It’s getting closer to the election and there’s more and more stuff to read and listen to. I’m still having a love affair with Antony Green and he’s still fired up about preference deals in the Senate ballots. It’s an increasingly ludicrous system where not only is that ballot paper enormous with about a million minor parties, but preferences deals might see Pauline Hanson gaining a Senate seat. For those not playing in Australia, Pauline Hanson is… well, she’s just… interesting.

4. On the topic of gay marriage, ABC's Vote Compass, which I’ve talked about here, has found the majority do not believe that marriage should only be between a man and a woman. Yay, that’s great. But the breakdown of ideology and demographics is interesting. Click through and have a squizz. In the religion category, for instance, I find it interesting that Catholics are increasingly supportive of gay marriage over some of the other Christian denominations. Wonder if that has anything to do with a loose interpretation of the new pope’scomments on homosexuality

5. The coverage of the election has also been getting its own airtime. Rupert Murdoch is not a fan of Kevin Rudd and the current government and his papers are making no bones aboutwhere they stand. The headline of The Daily Telegraph after the announcement of the election date: “KICK THIS MOB OUT”; a few days later Rudd and crew were depicted as Hogan’s Heroes charactersin Nazi uniforms. Charming. Newspapers are allowed editorial comment but front paper headlines like this benefit no-one, certainly don't do journalism's reputation any favours. This ad from Get Up Australia, makes the point nicely, I think.

6. And my favourite political story - the deputy leaders have been guesting programming on RAGE, picking 20 of their favourite songs each. It is vaguely disturbing that Julie Bishop's list includes Madonna's 'Like a Virgin'. Here's tonight's full playlist - I'm going to check out if there's anything new I can put into my New Songs Playlist.

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